Revolutionary Tech ‘Mzaalo’ that rewards its users for consuming content.

Ever wondered if there is an OTT/  VOD platform that rewards users for content consumption?  Well, ‘Mzaalo’ a blockchain based OTT platform offers rewards to its users for watching content on their app. Content consumers earn exciting rewards in the form of cashbacks and discounts. With 50+ rewards partners with the likes of Microsoft, Spicejet, Skullcandy, Pepperfry and more, Mzaalo is a living dream for binge watchers.While big players like Netflix, Primevideo and Disney Hotstar charge users anywhere between Rupees 199 to 799, the Mzaalo app offers rewards to content consumers at zero subscription fee.

How does Mzaalo run its rewards system?

Mzaalo is built on Algorand blockchain to facilitate loyalty rewards and fan tokens to its users. The Algorand blockchain runs on delegated proof of stake that solves the Vitalik Buterin blockchain trilemma. Algorand bridges the gaps between security, decentralization and scalability.

The content library, user details and reward partners are stored on the Algorand blockchain to automate the rewards system without compromising on the privacy of the users and content aggregators. Every time a new user registers on the app – a wallet is created that holds the coins (XET coin) of individuals. These coins can redeem on Mzaalo’s partner brands.

Algorand also offers robust scalability making Mzaalo’s streaming experience and rewards earning and redemption even better. Unlike other blockchains that compromise on either security or the decentralization, Algorand on the other hand runs on a decentralized network making sure there is no app downtime. This makes the user experience seamless.

About the App

The Mzaalo app is built by Xfinite Ventures- a blockchain development firm based in India. With an aim to surpass run of the mill entertainment providers, Mzaalo is all set to make content consumption rewarding and entertaining. Fun fact: Mzaalo’s app also offers check-in rewards to its users. Check out the Mzaalo app here.

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